For all countries except Italy the prices to be paid for goods and transport are without VAT.

Only professionals with International VAT number(organisationsnummer for Sweden) are allowed to order in the current Business-to-Business web site.

For alcohol other than wine an accise is due. Its amount may vary according to the country of residence.

We do not sell liqour and wine B to B in Sweden.



In all the cases mentioned below all the products will be shipped directly at your destination. No custom duties are to be paid by the recipient and the prices indicated on this web site are the final ones and only that the buyers will pay.

We recommend UPS Standard for orders below 80 Kg and NAGEL refrigerated Carrier for orders above 80 Kg.

Prices of transport for each Kg.
below,80 Kg:
For Sweden:<10Kg: 21 EUR
(+1 EUR for each +1 Kg)

For Italy:<10Kg: 8 EUR
(+0.3 EUR for each +1 Kg)

For Austria, Benelux, France,Germany,Denmark,Spain:<10 Kg: 10 EUR
(+0.5 EUR for each +1 Kg)

For United Kingdom:<10Kg: 12 EUR
(+0.5 EUR for each +1 Kg)

For Finland, Ireland, Portugal:<5 Kg: 25 EUR
(+1 EUR for each +1 Kg)

For non specified countries please ask our customer service.

above 80 Kg:
0.7 EUR for Sweden;
0.2 EUR for Italy;
0.5 EUR for Austria,Benelux,France, Germany;
0.6 EUR for United Kingdom and Denmark;
1 EUR for Finland, Ireland and Portugal;

Special reduction for orders above 250 Kg and pallet.


Periodical delivery: at least once a week (For Sweden shipment on thursday and delivery on monday)..

For more information related to the time of delivery in each different country, please contact the following:




If the order does not contains fresh products:
(Gourmet, Mozzarella, Mascarpone and Gorgonzola cheeses, Ham and Bresaola in slices) there will be an immediate shipping of the order. Delivery will be executed as indicated below, taking into account that shipping and delivery will not happen during the week-end and festivity.

For Austria, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Spain : delivery from 2 to 3 working days.

For Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden and United Kingdom: delivery from 3 to 5 working days.

If the order contains fresh products, in summer time, we will add dry ice and special protection. In any case we recommend express delivery; in case of standard delivery will ship only on monday to avoid weekend deposit.



SWEDEN: NO EXPRESS DELIVERY to postal codes starting with 8 or 9

For Italy: <5 Kg: 10 EUR
(+ 1 EUR for each + 1 Kg)

For Austria, Benelux, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom: <5 Kg: 22 EUR
(+ 2 EUR for each + 1 Kg)

For Finland, Ireland, Portugal: <4 Kg: 30 EUR
(+ 2 EUR for each + 1 Kg)

Delivery in remote areas can take longer. Please always check exact delivery date directly with UPS, once you receive your tracking number..


Orders received before 11:30 am: delivery in 24 hours - 48 hours.
Orders received after 11:30 am: delivery in about 48 hours, except for orders placed from Thursday afternoon to Friday, which will arrive the next Monday or Tuesday.